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The Only Regret

The Only Exception Regret

the only thing i regret from loving you and letting you love me in return is knowing one thing.

you didnt love me enough.

not enough to change who you are, in order to become someone better.

i failed to make u realize the true meaning.beyond infatuation,beyond having mutual feelings.

love is sacrifice.endurance.beautiful.motivation.

love is a lesson.

but to u, it seems that love was just mere plain feelings,the three words,phone calls and nothing more.

you didnt change for didnt even try to become a better man for me.despite the promises.

which turn out to be only words.

if you only knew,how easy it would be to show me how you feel.its more than words.

it was foolish of me to ever believe you.but i cant blame my love for being so strong till it blinds my eyes and blurrs my thinking. i believe in you.I still was your words that shouldnt have trusted.

i loved the way it hurts, and i loved the way you lied, because that was what i wanted to hear from you,to fit in my perfect illusion of 'us'.

truth is, you never loved me enough.and thats the one thing i regret.

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2 notes :

Friend said...

miss nabilah.

one thing for sure.
he doesn't deserve to have you.

but.sorry.just wondering,what makes you so stubbornly loyal to that man?

before hand,i'm sorry for making you uncomfortable..and others.

Nabilah Rashid said...

well, friend.
sometimes the mind cant reason out what the heart does.and thats wht u get when you let your heart win.
i like the way you say 'stubbornly loyal'.i wish i can chge it,and i am in the process of change.
thank you though,friend.really appreciate it :)

aint sweet enuff?