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Hi there:)

quote of the day: "sometimes, just by seeing other people happy,i get happy too.especially the ones i love"
(fathin nabilah,malaysia)

tibe2 tangan ni tegerak nak berblog malam ni.dan atas sebab yang tidak tahu kenapa, saya memilih untuk berbahasa melayu malam ni. maaflah, jikalau ia memberi sebarang kesulitan.hakikatnya,sudah lama tidak menghasilkan tuancebisan dalam bahasa melayu.lihat; sampai 'masterpiece' pon diterjemahkan jadi tuancebisan. =-="

mungkin hati ini, terasa a touch of puitis hari ini.thus, penulisan bahasa melayu pun dijalankan.*gosh it sounds so wrong* waktu sekolah dulu, sungguhlah tidak senang bagi diri hamba mendapat markah yang perghghhgh for subjek bm.apatah lagi, dengan peribahasa yang kurangnya, perkataan bombastikebaboww yang sgt limited, it explains all,kan?

anyways, today we alm10-ians (i dunno how to address ourselves so i'll just write this)
just had our bio topic test, topic 7, run for your life.and again, time was the limitting factor.
tomorrow, our clas'll have anther stats test(that i havnt studied for yet!!).
seems that tests are never ending for this trimester.i think it's part of INTEC's effort to make us 'bond more' with tests.
but, sometimes, theres just one point, where its just too much. u hav to stop, close your eyes and take a breath.
theres a list of things i wanted to do,but its pending.and, as i myself know very well,once it enters this state, theres a greater probability of the activities not being carried out at all.

anyhow,two things cheered me up today :)
1.having two scoops of BR at the price of one with great company
2. listening to my new favourite song being played live-in-front-of-my-eyes-live on a rm35k grand piano :)

oh,todays wednesday, so if u turn up with anythg pink, u'll get half price at Baskin Robbins=p
the abang there was absolutely sporting.there were four of us, and heres what we had in pink;
me- an embroidered patch of an inch size,pink flower on my purple top.
chaman- pink purse
mei yi- two pink stripes on her tee
avi- a pink highlighter.
APPARENTLY, a highliter can become an we all got half price for our ice cream.LOL.

mine was caramel turtle truffle and citrus sherbet.yumm <3>
i never knew turtles could taste so great!
actually, there were turtles in the ice cream.i'm not kidding.they were hidden very well.
but it was DELiSH! :)
okayyy.before PETA comes in and sues me blatantly, i better tell u the truth.
no worries,i'm not lying.the ice cream did have turtles in it.

and they were freaking cute!!The turtles had truffle in it, thus, explaining the origin of name given :D

i'm not a bad person, and i will NEVER eat a against pple who eat turtle and sharkfins. murdering wildlife just to give you gastrointestinal pleasure.SELFISH!
imagine the sharks being skinned and cut. ALIVE, just to obtain their fins and then set free to the see again,in that injured condition.and turtles.scavenging after their eggs.just please for a while, take a second to think how hard it was for the mum to come up shore find a spot and lay eggs.and please keep in mind that out of hundreds off eggs laid,only a minor few will hatch and make their way safely back to the sea.most get eaten up by seaguls before they could even reach the water.and most only survive a few weeks in the sea.
alright.i should make a whole other post for this,cuz i gould go on for like a solid 5000 words more on this.okay nabs.stop deviating.back to main story please~~

where was i?yeah!ice creammycreamme!the citrus sorbet was nice.jus perfect to give my tounge the tinge needed after ravenously scavenging the turtles.:))
citrus twist sorbet!

spontaneous as it was, we had much fun and much much EPOC (excess post-exam obsessive contentment)xD
our next spontaneous trip destination would be Jonkers Street Malacca.;]

oh!1 new discovery i unraveled this aftrnoon.
seems that,today is a wear purple day, it remembrance of LGBTs who committed suicide.
i wore purple today,and it was just a pure coincidence. It does not prove i am the same wavelength whatsoever.guys out there, I AM STRAIGHT.

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