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and when the world falls down~

i dunno why,but sumhow;


my inspiration,my motivation,my strength.

my papa.

50 years old,father of two, fighter, yet, the greatest lover and carer.

Raised in a family, where selling kueh and ploughing the paddy field, became his routine,he stilled pulled through tough and rough.he often told me about the days where he had to put plastic over his white school shoes to avoid them from getting dirty when he passes the ‘bendang’ (paddy field) to school.sometimes, he laughes looking at me all consumed with gadgets and all, bcuz back then his entertaiment was a rubber band. it’s amazing to think of what he has gone through.his childhood, his teen years not to mention the times at his university, where he had to hav debt notes with the ‘makcik cafe’.then later, in successfully raising our family. giving us all he can, always putting his needs on hold.and even now in the working environment, he has to go through difficult times, due to the sabotages by some relentless people. i just dont get these people sometimes.why cant you just slet other people achieve the success they deserve, and just be happy for them instead of scheming plans and making up rumours to watch them fall. karma comes around, the end, u’ll be the one left in tears.

however, its amazing.its bewildering that he knows me more than leaves me puzzled when he knows abt evrythg i do,even stuff i’ve never spoke to him of before.well,he gets me.guess its just some paternal intuition.

i just went thru a hell of a week;meeting deadline of assignments and reports, cathcing up with my studies that i think i am truly lagging in, work that continue to pile higher than the himalayan mountains, tests and more tests to come, and IELTS just now, which was miserably horrendous.

mushy as it may seem, after looking at pics of my daddy, and just thinking about him and what he has gone through, gives me strength again.a lot of people comment that i am most like my dad. be it physical features, nor, i’m hoping,i’ll turn out like him too.insyaAllah.

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insyaAllah, i will try my bestest, i will push myself, for the times to will never be an option. i wont stick around to watch myself go down.even when the world falls down,my daddy’ll be there fr me:’)

and now, with strength and my everlasting faith, i, will rise!baby steps dear,baby steps (:

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