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things happen for a reason~

as i was sitting in my crammed middle seat, 29E, airbus AK5294,in the immediate darkness that surrounded me, a thought came up to my mind,bringing with it a single tear of reminiscence;

things happen for a reason.always.god has planned it so well.

but sometimes ,the reason being,is just the sake of happening.

yesterday, i woke up to normality.getting dressed in my kurung, pretty late for class, but just before i stepped out,i notice my car keys were nowhere to be found.that is UN NORMAL.
i searched everywhere,d table,d cupboard,inside bags,and inside every possible pocket.but results were null.i was panicking,frantically.
my two friends who were suppose to go class with me ended up being late.and my dearest classmate/mengarut-together-friend, who was on her usual path to the bustop for class,also stopped at level three,room 1/319 akasia.chaman helped me rummage thru my whole house,while afiqah retraced my steps all the way to my car in search of the keys. while lily was just being there, thinking of possibilities and solutions,calming me down all at the same time.

30 minutes flew away,and we were surely late for mr.Mano's morning biology,i said sorry to them,'lets just go to class, i'll continue searching after we get back from our chem test'

the bus ride, was awful.not bcuz of the bus,but beacuse i felt a deep pit forming inside my stomach, thoughts raced through my little neurons.
worst case scenario: i come home to the spot where i parked my car,and find it not there.the person who found the carkeys tried unlocking every possible car nearby,found the correct one,and drove away immediately.

the expression i had on my face, i think everyone could tell that this was not one of my best days.after calling my mom and telling her what happened, the phone conversation ended, with me wiping away a few droplets of water that managed to make its way from my eyes to my chubby cheeks.

in class, my state of mind could be a photographical resemblance to a scribbled,tangled, knot.
afiqah was textg me,to see how i was.and the last text was:'beb,alhamdulillah.ur keys are with Carol'.

immediately,my mood took a u-turn. just by chance, the fate God had precisedly arranged, my keys were found.afiqah was just on a normal phone chat with her mum that morning. And it just occured to her, to tell her mom about my lost keys,and how we were going to deal with it, having to rush for our flight later that night and all the trouble and hassle our clueless souls would have to go through. my friend, carol who was nearby, overheard it,and quickly came up with the keys she found in front of akasia bus stop yesterdy. is this it? she said.

it surely was IT.
~case solved~

yes. i learn from experience.i learn from every single mistake i keep on making.i dont know why, but thats just the way my life works... i guess.

what happened today, just made me realise how lucky i am. to have friends that love me and care for me. who would stayback, calm me down.who wont mind going late for class, or getting a penalty. who would involve themselves in my problem, who would share my burden.
it takes this to happen to make me see, how blessed i truly am.
and how things that other people were searching for all over the world for all their life, was just right infront of my very eyes.
and for that, everything happens for a reason :)

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