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never.a.boring.story|nabilah rashid|faith love hope

oh inspirasi( >.<)cepatlah hadir

status: bored and mengantuk with a deadlines to be met.

contradiction: sudden urge to snap and press.SHOOT lah.
au contraire : overexcited fingers addicted to type.
background song: there it go(the whistle song)
position: laptop on bed, legs crossed on floor,shoulders shrugging at a poor attemp to 'jiggayyyy'.
random thought of the day:why does hair curl when its wet?
concealed: evrything in my heart.
in dire need of: INSPIRATION;someone to give all my secrets away
.and motivation.and intelligence.
and and time. :l
monologue:what the heyll.(with more exuberant facial expression)

thats going to hug my panpan,lay beside zeze and froggy and sleep.
gud nyte~:#

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aint sweet enuff?