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never.a.boring.story|nabilah rashid|faith love hope


i'm having fun, dont put me down,
i'll never let you sweep me off my feet'

this time baby, i'll be bulletproof.

experience, is the name people give to their mistakes.yes, experience is the best teacher,so, we learn from our mistakes.

someone, told me once; she wanted to protect let me learn from her experience. she willingly wants to become d 'guinea pig', and never let me do the same faults she did, so i'll never go thru any amount of pain. she told me, she warned me, she reminded me.

but,it seems that, those werent enough.
i HAD to learn from MY mistakes.
and thats what makes me stronger. the harder you fall,the higher u bounce,eh?

(:i'm gaining momentum.i'm waiting to bounce.

this is the process of growing up.u make mistakes, u do all the wrong things.u experiment, u try.u'll climb, and u'll fall.u'll stumble down, get cuts and bruises.but these are the things that make you stronger. they build you up,and ur resistance.people make mistakes.that single fact confirms us of being human:to err.
so, dont frown when you spilt ice cream on your shirt, smile at the fact that now, you've got an ice-cream patternd, sweet smelling shirt! :D ehehh.

point is, just look fear in the face and tell them:' hell, i dont care'
embrace them.

i do wish sometimes that part of my memory can be deleted.
or time can rewind, just so that i dont make the mistake.
the scar is just too deep. but it's a proof i'm alive.that i SURVIVED.
but,truth of the fact is; evrythings happens for a reason. Evrything is in His hands.
I will have faith in myself, because i have faith in HIM;faith in everything that He has in store for me. =)

and hunni bee, i <3>

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