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ceh.mentang2 before ni i wrote an entry entitled mimpi, the next nite i tros dapat mimpi.pasal lady gaga pulak tuh bebb! tonyte, i tink i'm gonna recap, on the best + weirdest dreams i can remember of!
startg with the most recent:

i dreamt of being hypnotized by LADY GAGA.oh my gosh,she was reading these freaky chants over and over again,walking in a zomby-like mode,chasing me.scaryyyyy!!
the action part was the malay i'd say "paling tak boleh blahh".as the heroin(muke bangga) i shot lady gaga using a laser gun three times BANG BANG BANG! :D
nikmat dude!satisfaction~
but i killed her,and sped away in an extremely antiquated way.i was hoping,in my dreams,at least, like maybe i'd drive some hot,sleek,curvy,shiny , 0-60 in 3.5 ferrari. obviously contrary to that, i escaped using my red myvi XD . spoil lah!
this is a short dream. but it was what i've always dreamed of doing.and true enough, i dreamt i rode a green scooter!whoah!when in reality, i have the slightest clue of how to even start a motorcycle engine.apatah lagi navigate a scooter di jalanan raya!=-=
i predict this dream,came out of seeing the green kawasaki too much,almost evryday.The cute green monshhter parked neatly near the INTEC library making me say 'oh,besnye kalo aku bleh naek' evrytime i set my eyes on it.sigh.~~
Sentimental time:) there was one time in my dream,i saw the one.
the one? as in the person; MR. Right.
howd the hell you know it was him?
bcuz, according to the malay old folks, they believe that if you dream of someone without seeing the person's face,that person is actually ur jodoh, which means soulmate~ <3>
funny thing was,i knew his name,i saw his body, his infectious smile and beaming aura.
BUT, it all seeped outta me as soon as i woke up.=(((
i know,sum of you might say like, 'whats d point of dreaming of ur soulmate when u cant even see the face?nonsense!'
evryones entitled to their own opinion.and i,grasp on close to mine. i felt some substantial sparks,in that felt real, and i choose to clasp onto my heart's intuition :)
note to mr. soulmate: thank you for visiting me in my dreams!our souls will meet again one day, sayang!*blushhh*
the adventure type dreams.its so action packed, full throttle punye dream!once, i dreamt of being attacked by fire with faces and was scary becuz i felt like,u know,images of hell.and its like telling me i hav to pay for my a sign,coming through my dreams :Oastaghfirullahalazim.nau'uzubillahiminzalik!
and i also dreamt i drove a van.VAN.without any driving experience and nearly crashing.okay.maybe thats not so thrilling.-_-
flicking through NabilahRashid's dream log
acces denied:contents are void.
i cant remember anymore;but as of right now, LADY GAGA DREAM still tops the weird dream list. :l

till then,see you when i'm bored to death lady gaga.agagagga.lmao.

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