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Padah Keterujaan Membelah Katak.

-kecomotan ice cream?


-nail polish?


-getah pokok?

-darah katak yang x maw hilang?


all wrong!

the black,blotch/spot/discolouration seen above is... Silver Nitrate.chemically known as: AgNo3.

this is what you get when you mix fooling around in lab + a lil bit of over ke'besu'an (english term:dtermination).XD

At first,i dint even care if anythg spilled on my hand or not.what mattered to me is that we get our titration done right,reaching the end point at the precise volume with the accurate colour change. Little did i noe that the silver nitrate that spilled on me later turns into an incurable black blotch!(for one week at least) hah.i feel less or more like a dalmation!lmao.our class whizkid,eric, told us that it can be cured by reaction with acid.SAY WUTTT??im not pourin some freakin acid on my skin!sigh.guess i'll have to tolerate not having pretty, clean hands for the next few days :(

enough chemistry talk.more bout me now;;)) *puke*

well,to sum up what i've been through these past few days,there's one question i can ask;is there a word for feeling stupid?like an adjective.wait,stupid is an adjective.i feel stupidised already.what the..??gaaaah!!!!!!!!!!

owh yeah,my rumate,is blasting her speakers out like theres no tomorrow.i dont mind if its linkin park,avril, 30h3 or even willian least its in an comprehensable language.but whats her choice of song,i tell u...its some crappy hindustan song,from like, a decade ago,with music yang pecah2 dloaded from utube or something,with background voice like crap.hello,havnt u ever heard the technology of earplugs/earphones?gosh.

and finally,i sucked in my statistics quiz today.damn.

i would really love to go to sleep now,as it is 1.17 a.m and i have class at 8 tomorrow,bt my unfortunate luck; my rumates putting her whole computer on speakers.i can not only hear music that i cant tolerate,but also IM buzzes, and a whole lot of notification bells too! And you know the water drop sound evrytime the person u're IM-ing sends u a message?that too, along with freaky winks courtesy of sweetIM.

people;please, if u have no intention of ruining other people's life turning it miserable in everyway possible, please put on ur headphones and keep ur preferred music to yourself.even if you have intention of ruining pple's life,dont do it.cuz its torture.and torture,or ruining other pples live's is morally wrong.


too tired and pissed~

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NaZ!Ra HaN!M said...

hehe sabaarr biiiii...

jibs@gffxs said...

iah, still xbrubh..
kuku pnjang..haha =Pbl

aint sweet enuff?