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we call it applemud

okayyyy.tibe-tibe hari ni tertimbul rase nak menblog dalam malay lah pulak.heeeee.


liht gambar di atas.(ayt skema cam nk xam jehk) haha.i cant pull it of.guess i'll keep writin lyk normal X)

so,today,d big event of d day is ICODE.abbreviation for INTEC Carnival and Open Day Expo.

i dun even hav the mood to write abt it.the exhaustion.urgh.i feel like an-underaged slave.d nite before i was sweating away rolling cookies to three in the morning which consequently made me wake up late at 7.30 the next morning a time when i shud alrd be in intec setting up the stall,where i found out that stuff needed were incomplete causing in my repeated two wat trip from akasia-intec.The stall and space was everythg but spacious, leaving us cooped up and competition was tough,us having less manpower was a definite handicap which made sales stink like a rotten apple core immersed in sulphuric acid and let to dry.Desperation lead me and ming khai to parade around d library carrying boxes of cookies and fruits to persuade(a softer approach to force,which was wut really happened XD) pple into buying them. The stakes were taken when we embarassed ourselves trotting along the field while pple play frisbee and we sell them fruits.gaaaaaah.i think i just lost my pride today.Wait for it....the end has barely begun.Following that,i had to look after a checkpoint in explorace,so thetask was eatng apple hanging on rafia strings to the core.To make it less simple,me and ily planned an obstacle course. Our brilliant idea gave my arms an experience to feel hurt and my trousers to know dirt,since knelting down is the only to 'gemburkam' tanah to be turned into mud. Our ears also felt stirringly disturbed by pple telling us how incosiderate we were. The end of all activies its end

i cant even complete this sleepin alredi~

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