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Bleeding Love.

See the person in the middle?thats zhi hong weeping on stage as i was being grabbed away by my boyfieeee

No,this is not some emo post of mine about my ex anymore.=_=

Our performance for INTALE 2010,went on tres bien despite lack of time,preparation and rehearsal.A medley of no promises,taking back my love mixed with the typical love story narration, along with some cheeky gestures, and finally topped of with the bleeding love dance, did get a slight roar from the audience.okay.maybe more than slight,they all cheered for zhi hong though!wee.

i'm just glad i didnt embarass myself.and when we got off d stage,people were like saying it was awesome and they didn't noe i can dance.!'ur so fluid' and 'i love your dance'are not d words i usually get frm sum1.

so here's d recap of the story,first thers me,the typical kmpung girl,then enters this big city boy,(zhi hong) who falls in love with me..unfortunately,i was with another guy (viswan).Both of us(viswan and me) playfully tugged on this peace of selendang between us,and just left zhi hong alone,to bleed.then later,while zhi hong treats his bleeding heart,playing 'taking back my love' on the piano,i approach him from his back.trying to go to him,but it's too late. he's leaving,going to the airport with his luggage. while he was walking away from the piano,he saw me,waiting.we met halfway,and stared at each other emotionally.finally,we danced bleeding love

heck, i didnt care that we didnt enter finals,though i know zhi hong was disappointed.i was secretly hoping (i guess its not a secret nymore)we wont enter finals that i can concentrate on theatre and stall on saturday.haha.i know= mean.

i had lots of fun having two boyfiess at a time.LAUGH OUT LOUD!lmao.rofl.lmfao.

haha.nyways,i think we pwnd!!!cheers to nas,melissa,viswen,zhi hong and our very own president of the Bleeding Love Fan Club;carol.X)

okay.i gotta kick my ass outta here.Wait,thats physically impossible..or is it not?>)

gaaaah~ my discussive assigment wont magically appear if keep bloggin on.fathin nabilah,go now!!~~

ciao! ;D

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