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of skinfood and avatar.

i like skinfood.

i like avatar.

i like skinfood and avatar.

i like MNG jeans.

i like skinfood,avatar and also MNG jeans.'s like learnin all over again.tis d first day of sem two n my class fnishd at now,15 minutes before a meetg i hav to go to, im filling u in!rnt i loyal?=))

since yestrday n the day before were 2 days of non academical activity, i went to sunway.two days straight.ahah.did you hear abt the morgans was the sweetest comedy.made me laugh my stomach out.

but then again: stuff like that only happens in movies.for me,that is.

avatar in 3D was hell rockin cool.i jumped disproportionately out of my posture trying to dodge away from the sound and action-filled graphic effects that i felt vulnerable to. at 2 hrs and 30 mins i was alrdy questioning my sanity,hoping the movie would 3D specs became foggy n wet when the na'vis found out abt the betrayal by jakesully~.hampeh.unexpected crap gets me all teary-eyed!

n finally,to relate with the post title at least: here's my new favorite smells nice.mmm.n d packaging is too cute,juz like an xact japanese mochi ;)

and 1 more,a high and low,allover search for a cute,studded-pouch-like bag,ended with a RM59 MNG jeans.sigh.

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Anonymous said...

mish u!

Anonymous said...

guess whu i am

Nabilah Rashid said...

wouh!mish you too!but since i dun noe you,who r you!!:3

aint sweet enuff?