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never.a.boring.story|nabilah rashid|faith love hope


its been a while,but it feels like a lifetime.

everythg we had,all the things we shared,were never mine.

all the thorns that pierced through her skin turn out to be, worthless.

for in return,was a cloud of tears amongst the sky of heartbreaks.

the memories,were intertwined eternally in her mind.immutable by time.

his voice still whispers to her.airy and hollow,like the promises he once vowed to.

his breath,she can feel.taste on herself.

her eyes meets his gaze,only to find her own delusiveness.the fallacy.her empty hopes.

she senses him there against his absence .his fingers dat use to run through her back.

she,watches from afar,cries in solitudary silence.the whole world only sees her smile.

stationary,in front,she leers to her past,how they were,what he meant.

it hurts.shes injured.the wreck torments agony throughout her soul.

 will she heal?end

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