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2 years more to 2012.

Holla 2010!!!! 

yes,mr.Batman sir,i'd love to go on a date with you<3, i'll consider u next B)

here's d tyme to usher in d new year n pple keep splatterin on about their resolutions,hopes n dreams.


on 01/01/2010,i ended up askin my dad how he'd feel if i didnt take up medic.its d similar cloud of confusion.typical fickle mind.'rebel of the family' is one title dat suits me well. guess its some sort of pre-adulthood angst.

adulthood?gosh.i just turned 18 yrs 1 month n 1 day the year, i'm practically 19.soon, i'll be in an era where d word teen will no longer be used to describe my age.n years after,i'll hav wrinkles. then white hair will start poppin.n before i noe it, my teeh'll all fall out.gasps! cope with the stress of turnin 1 year older along with returnin back t0 room 1/319; not bein able to drive my red baby myvi;less money to spend;more things to study and a whole lot more, i spent most of my time wif my drugs n also a good dose of self-therapy.1 statement, four words:

'shopping is a therapy'. enough said ;D

aah,my omniscient yet  fully flawed blog,i apologize for ur seldomly updated posts n ur crappy bground. i think i might hav come up wif a reason behind all this. it's cuz i dun follow any, as of 2o1o, i'll be followin a hell lotta blogs!yippee!XD

credits to hadhirah yg sweet ,for makin me realise n lettin me bcome her first follower!luv you budak busukk!!mmuah2!

final note; ma n pa,i'm doin this all for u. case, u're my inspiration to become what they hope n want me to be.~hearts~ 

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aint sweet enuff?