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never.a.boring.story|nabilah rashid|faith love hope

A series of UnFoRtuNaTe events.

To start of my 'stupendous' day, i awoke to the piercing rays of d morning sun, and d heatful steamy air,huggin my body.

[unfortunate event#1]Power failure.
Two words dat bring such bleakness to my day.
I try to bring music to the bath, smugglin d speaker in, but no sound came out.*shrieks*

[unfortunate event#2]my ipod,kong.siao.DEAD rosak.blank screen,wif no lyte,evn aftr chargin.

lets hav a slight recap on my day so far:NO fan,NO tv,NO music.

So, i planned ahead to go to kbmall and get sum things done.(escapism,clearly adamant here.dun blame me!who wants to stay all cooped up in a house wif no power=hot,no music,SWEAT,urgh~)
Called up mchey since shes near n available.Rais came along.But he was beein all cute n quite.

After parking my car on d rooftop,under d hot blazin sun n away from any sort of shelter (bcuz all were edi taken) we hopped happily into d building. Then,suddenly, halfway through d escalator, it suddenly struck me:::

[unfortunate event#3]left my keys,in the car, in the ignition hole, at standby mode.

If u notice, evry possible thg dat can go wrong,has gone wrong. Its almost as if my cars screamin "hey,come and get me bebeh!".owh.wait.1 tiny correction;my sister's car,loaned to me~.

Thankfully,it was still there when i went.Case lockd.rushd back into kbmall again.Mchey, couldnt stop shaking her head and comparing me to her mom;saying i was much worse.=( *grunts*

Without wasting time,i went ahead getting 'sum thgs done'.First,was to send my sony for repair.and here comes..

[unfortunate event#4]i had to part wif my baby.*sobs*back to usin old nokia.n in addition, rm200 would be flying away from my purse!

N aftr having a sentimental,emotional departure, i carried my heavy heart to the computer store,hoping they could alleviate my pain and help wif wireless on my mac.
[unfortunate event#5]they couldnt figure out d system of mac n apple.

Trying to stay positive, i drove out to KBK wif mchey leaving Rais behind(bcuz we were cmg back,im not dat cruel to leave him alone!).And after steering here and there, n finally able to snuggle into a parkin spot, i noticed,the steel blinds at kbk were down, shut close to the ground.sighhh *-*

[unfortunate event#6]kbk is CLOSED for d day!no hope to repair ipod,or powerbook!means no music for a much longer time!

As the tension was getting high, i eased out, teman mchey go usha bag.I guess this was the highlite of d day,since window shoppin,can still offer me inner peace! We both agreed on dis cute adidas tote.mchey's othr options was dis tomsgurl sling bag,which had no response/comments/agreemt frm me,bcuz i din lyke it. D Lois bag,however was acceptable~
After usha-in,we had to go straight home. I had to rush n make it in time to send pa to d airport.
But,on dis very fateful day, rushing brought me no good....get ready for..

[unfortunate event#7]my(sister's) car fell into this stupid hole by d road side,n dis frkg steel rod jutting out from the whole tore the rubber covering d inner of d fender.

Thank god,there were a few noble, kindhearted human beings there willing to help me. I was alrdy shivering n panicking n throbbing lyk crazy.
and in d midst of all d panick, dat pakcik askd me to drive my car into his compound,n straighten d tire.I sat on d drivers seat and a cracking sound was produced.

[unfortunate event#8]my shades dedi blanje frm sydney,was broken~!

thank god to these 3 random morally-excellent citizen i was at ease again n ready t0 drive home.Dis incident wasted a lot of my time causing my reaching home to be extremely late.and when i got home,feelin guilty and all, pa suddenly said i wasnt needed anymore,since he already had an arrgd trsnport and driver.

[unfortunate event#9] i was officialy declared as 'un-needed'.
all d rushing,was pretty much for nthg. huhhh.

so i golexd on my bed,starin at d ceiling.and approxmately 25 mins later,my dream was interrupted by mama's melodious voice."adek,u need to rush to d aport n send pa his coat b4 he leaves 4 kl.b4 his 6.30 flyte"
=Evil grin= goodbye mr nice guy,hello speedracer(wannabee)
Being d oh-so-disoriented self i am, i luckily reachd Lpgn Terbang Sultan Ismail Petra safe and sound(thx to d countless trips to leena's n yul's =D ngee).
D coat was safely handed to pa, n i directly went home aftr maghrib at d aport.

D streetlight-studded-road was EMPTY.oh, i can tell u,it was inviting.n i, i can not resist and fell into its lure.>) bsides,i had a reason to speed,it was gettin dark aftr all,n me bein a girl,all alone, perfect situation,perfect excuse!
THe meter on 'my' car deflected from 0-80. The green glow from d traffic lyte ahead slowly faded into a luminous yellow then to a devillish red.But i was still acceleratin at a constant rate.huh.
As i checkd out my rear view window, sumthin i didnt want, hope or ever dream of seein was tailin behind me..
it wasnt pretty.
two blue eyes
a long white body....
oh damNn!wtf!?!
its as if they came out of nowhere.
they proudly set their siren lytes n cornered me to d roadside.

[unfortunate event #10]got my 1st summon ticket for beatin d red lyte

mr police wif misai tebal: cik minx lesen.

me: ye.baik.
mr police belek2 my lesen n was apparently doin smthnk.
mr police: td lampu merah,knp x berenti?
me: urm.x prasan.eheh.
mr police: ade plak x prasan?
me: *tnduk bwah,cm bdak kene mara*
mr police: ni kene saman la ni cik.
(i know,stupid ryte ckap lyk dat.i was lyk ultra blurrd,panickd,scared,confused,nervous n all.siao~!dat was all i could say)
n dat police,nak tulis saman bukan men lambat.lyke na tulis 10 page science report jek.

i drove home all teary eyd and moodless.huh.
and as d cherry on top i got this from mama "tuhla.speedin sangat.bla bla bla........"
complete 15 minute lecture session.uhh x_X

i feel lyk stoppin rigth here alrdy cuz typin more would remind me of how bad my day was.
evrythg happens fo a reason.

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