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Love Unnoticed

“why are you still afraid to love me?”
“why cant I ever let you go?”
“why ..why..cant I step away?”she whispered,as she felt his stiff body under her soft ruthless palms.They were still warm.As if blood were still flowing through his veins,as if his heart was still pumping life,as if he was still there, sleeping. Her body froze as she stared at his pale face .She cant stand a second longer, but neither can she move away. A warm flow of water, like pearl drops streamed down her snowy cheek, dripping right onto his body.It sparkled for a while then disappeared.Another drip came. But as she stood,and as she weeped,the tears cant bring him back. Although the tears seem like melting snow,seeping into the ground and allowing flowers to frolick again in the spring,her tears were just a pool of emotions,splattered on a body,whose spirit has been taken away.

He was her everything. He never knew. He never felt her breath while he was sound asleep at night,because she would stare at him with her palms close to her mouth and nose,not to wake him up, to let him get lost in his dreams. He never noticed that all the meals he ate for breakfast this year,were’nt complementary bonuses from the apartment management,nor that it came from her own hand,which suffered countless burns and cuts afterwards. He was never aware that everytime he fell sick,she was the one running in the rain for aspirin,the one whose hands pruned as she stayed up throughout the night, just trying to wipe his fever away. But the worse thing is, he never
she loved him.

Her confessions were mistaken as jokes and her stares, not even once affected him. Her commitment,was something he got used to, and he took it for granted.

Although the pain inside her heart grew and crept through her flesh, thorning through every living cell, she never left him. And now, alone by his deathbed, she still is beside him. As the nurses pulled up the blankets from his waist all the way up to his head,she had one final look. Inside she was screaming,Her tormented soul was howling for him to come back,and do her the favor of smiling back,The samae exact wat he used to everytime she looked at him. Silence engulfed the room, her shivers getting vigorous. All the memories were playing itself back inside her head, Regardless of all her efforts to stop them, it wouldn’t. Then, all those memories bundled up into one conclusion.Only one thought governed her mind. “At least , he...never felt the pain. Never felt the pain of a love unnoticed”

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