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first of all,syukur alhamdulillah, i got my licence.ngee~ =D
All my suppressin txts,calls,begging,playin nice,pity card,finally,my agent gave me my licence,rite after one phone call from dad.
well,glad dats over.

  • drivin is satisfying.
(xcept when pple honk u)
  • drivin is addicting
(xcept when u ran outta fuel,n gotta fill it urself)

other then entering a one way road, having two cars inches away from the front and side while cornering , and not to mention d roundabout incident, everything else was pretty much, well,okay.

cant wait to wax d car,which is not mine,but will be,when SUMONE gets a new BMW.
ah~alwez stuck wif d hand-me-downs.redha2.
i love driving wif my gaffxs.yeay!menik,mira, now i know how it feels.
hell yea, LUVIN ITT~~

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i tag u
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aint sweet enuff?