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after writing a whole post abt not makin sense,i realised,i had to put an end to writing crap,and just go ahead and write,abt smthg dat matters.for example,how exasperating an outing out can get,a day after you just got home from overseas and not getting enoug lazytime for your bum.

so,yeah,started of d day wif junk breakfast accompanied by my loyal sis.why junk?
-la menu-
::milk tea,lipton(3 in 1.its hassel free what?)
::roasted cashews
::d.i.y kuih gunting that taste like fried biscuits.with icing.
hell,it wus junk enough for me!a bowl of cocoa crunh would be much soothing.
den,got,we're in 'lepak',its not an ooh all 'dressy day' mode.meaning to say all our clothes were pretty much easy and laid back.bein the normal mischievious me,i sneakd sum of my sis' purple eyeshadow to match d purple stars on my black was fun playg wif d brush^^.

went in d car,had a clear series of missions:
1)withdraw money den repay my sis.(hav to do it continuosly for six times since maybank put this stupid withdrawal limit of rm500/day)
2)go to kbmall n cuci gamba
3)teman my sis buy her contacts
4)look for spaghetti(d non-edible) n yeast(the edible)
5)go to noodle and lepak while editin pics

patheticly, only 1 and 3 got completely done.
we didnt do 2 cuz no time,and oh,no money.LMAO
not numbr 4 cuz by the time we dcided to,we felt slekeh-ish n not in d mood to shop,n yeah,no money.juz realised my green animal wallet had 7 bucks peekin through d roomy cmpartmt.
number 5 was not completely done cuz d internet crashd there and my this asus was being slow like a sloth trying to scratch its back on a tree bark.

we got home quite late.and gosh,writing this sddenly makes me more depressd.sigh.

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