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Racism...;>there is no such thing.

Racist,racism,racialism. These are empty words. Hollow rotten logs. its a skin without flesh. thats how void it is. no meaning, no purpose, no GOOD.

Its always the issues colour.from light to dark or, brown, white, tanned. Or maybe its about a person's background. what part of the continent they come from or simply, what 'type' of people they are.Asians, african-american,chineese,indian and, well, u get the drill.To me, PEOPLE, means theres only one type.Homo sapiens, as in humans. The ones who breathe through nose and lungs, reproduce sexually, walk on two foot, have the same structure of double helix DNA with 23 sets of chromosomes.hmm, dat defines people enough.roughly.

Racism;showing devotion to one's race or oppression to that of another. This is far from barbaric, even animals dont show this. i think, people just use racism as a tool to blame the world. Yeah, being human, we have faults !and when we cant accept it,we wanna leave d blame on sumthing, hey, presto...point ur finger to racism.

'No i cant do this, and they can do it, because of their race'. lame excuse.its not ur race that makes something happen. its urself.ur heart and determination, which clearly, are not classified by race. if Miep Gies(a dutch) can hide Anne Frank(jew), putting her life in jeopardy during the reign of the nazis, then this blatantly proves that race, is not a factor obstructing one's ability or wishes.

'oh, i hate him, cus he is ....' hating people for who they are and what their features look like is another thing. Its not the only fact that they have nothing better to do, but it shows, how much they cant tolerate themselves. They cant put up with their own selves, thats why they have to point to other's flaws for comfort. An absolute analogy is, like the detergent ads on tv. one claimed-to-be-the-best-brand against brand X. The narrator's voice keep on chanting;'Brand X is so weak, it does not make grease go, no color protector,and it stinks like a freaking cats puke. buy our brand, its better!'.

and for some other piteous people, racism, is just and addictive element that serves as some point of conflict in their lives. life is just too boring for them, that clamping the racism issue under their sweaty,porous armpits is an idiosyncrasy. *pity shake of the head*

so, why do we need this?we're all people, livin in this world, tryin to figure out what the meaning of sentience is. stomping down on the walls, burning the barriers and just accepting each other for the sake of unity, will make the world a much humble compatitor to hell..(okayy..that might not sound right.=p)
anyways, at least, it will make our journey more pleasurable and...fulfillingly meaningful.

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