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to my complete stranger

To my complete stranger,

I hope you have found your happiness out there
I hope you have uncovered the answers, to all those questions you had in your head,
the questions you would ask me,
but I could not respond with things you wanted to hear
I hope your wishes are slowly getting fulfilled,
I hope your hard work and exhaustion, 
the ones you used to pour to me about, 
is finally paid off in some ways, or another

Complete stranger,
I dont know where and how you are doing.
I dont know if your favourite food is still cheese or cupcakes,
I can barely remember how your smile would begin to form,
or whether your eyes squint first before your laugh,
I cannot recall which side of your arm it was that you had your childhood scar,
or, how you say my name, 
I dont think I can recognise the sound of your voice anymore,
be it a shout or a whisper, or even in a song.
I can still sing out the songs we used to share
the inside jokes that made only us, burst with laughter
and maybe, one and a few other more moments, 
among all those that has been lost, with time.

To my complete stranger,
I wish nothing but health and wealth 
for your mother, sister, and dear family I had a short glimpse with
and for you, 
to find the meaning in what you have searched for,
all this while, 
be it in a person,
be it in a lifetime.

To my complete stranger,
"3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, I dont know"
I somehow recollect these words.
the timeline you had invisibly sketched, that I remember.clear.
and it is now coming to an end.

Dearest complete stranger,
I do not regret how our paths have crossed,
and the lessons I have learnt out of it.
but in this far distance, 
in wishing you the best 
in all you do,
in life and in love,
I pray that we never chance upon again.
so that we could just continue to be

beautiful complete strangers.

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