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Perfect Wedding Gift: it didnt go as planned!

penat seharian.tapi, agak bes kot!
i cant wait to pegi kenduri @ machang esok!its so great since i'll be drivin wif ma frenz,its a two-car convoi trip!
trase cam crossroad=))
heyheyy;roadtrip mode=ON!

d plan was to buy a,not pendaflour,not energy sving bulbs.err,no solar powered techy mechy lamp either.
but, jib's idea,as a perfect wedding gift, was a night lamp!maybe,a bedside lamp!
haaaaaa.seee?minus the bed,sheets,covers and puffy pillows y'all.focus on the lamp,its d one on the leftmost side;)
its pretty,its nice,and i was imagining how gud it'll be if it had all these features:
-adjustable light,dim or dark or extra bright.

-light intensity that synchronises with motion,movement and mood.
*very useful when u dont have enuff hands.*

-flickering or effects,such as bonfire,starry night or blurry light,to giv an 'at-the-movies' feel,perhaps include a small audio speaker,complete with background music e.g. birds chirping,ukulele strings,hitting waves.
*hey,i can give REAL good ideas sometimes.*
-adjustable cord and a button that can turn it into a torchlight instantly.the feature enables it to operate on back up batteries .
*supremely practical if you wanna make it mobile, say, to fit under blankets or sheets,maybe* :D
-solar panel,or somesort, so ur bedside lamp will NEVER fail you,in all the times of needs!
*imagine u're in the midst of sthg VERY important;heres a definite priceless feature during blackouts or times when batteries are out.*(: imaginations and creativity amaze me.o.O anyways,going waaaaaaay back to the main point,instead of the above picture,we got......this~

a tefal steamer!!

the real story behind it,is too long of a tale to be,i'll cut to the chase.
ladies and gentlemen, hold ur breath and make way for .....*drumrolls* ;
the all plastic tefal steamer!
made from real materials and available in 1 shade of green!
want fish?steam it. want chicken,in a healthy way?steam it. want to eat sushi? steam it!
feeling lack of sensual abilities?steam,steam,steaaaaam it!!(okayy,saaaaangat overr di situ;apologies=_=')
but the idea of a steamer,is just adorable.its like screaming out
"hey you married people, happy beginning your long-life journey.selamat berumah tangga!"
:) suwwwweeeet~
oh,i almost forgot,the best feature is the timer and bell ring sound!
when the time knob hits zero after the length of time set by the user, the steamer goes "dinggg!" almost like the sound you hear in the perfect movie where the perfect wife juz finished with her perfect roast chicken in the oven.see how perfect??kan kan?
and,fyi,the "dingggg" sound also perpetuates a noticable msg = husband,time to eat!
n.s.(abbrev. for nota selitan) i dunnoe y i'm not sleepin yet and blogging listening to the sound of vuvuzeles on tele from the brazil//korea match.what thaa foooooooht.
i hav to get up freakin early tomolo!

dah.out out.
and lastly,out of my ultimate gedixnesss>>
sayang, i love you!<3
dedicated to those yg terase! :)
hehh.its for you only, sygs!:D

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