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Bagi yang faham kosakata melayu di atas, jgn lah anda pergi men-interpretkannya ikut sesuka hati,sesedap gigi sendri.tapi, kalau anda masih berbuat demikian, oh, well, who cares?

fine.its been more than a while since i postd on my bloggiey. sorry dear.come here syang,mama hug u.sorry :(
-sesi tacing2 tamat-
the title of dis post actually corresponds to the situation of d past week i just went thru.

truth be told, this week was very hectic and tiring. most of the nites, i dont even realise when i fell thing i noe is i wake up and its alrdy morning and i hav to get ready fast where if not i'll be late for my that hasnt happened before.
i'll just skim thru how bldy freakin heavenly blank blank tuut blurr blank tuut, my week was. :l

today:to start off my perfectly TGIF mood-mode, i was lockd out of my own room. yeah. 1/319 akasia, was locked,all my keys,phones,books were inside.i was out in my blue kebaya.with my laptop,staring blankly at the door after it wont open no matter how hard i twist the handle.

so, i had to walk all d way to the cemara office and get the duplicate key.
The pakcik askd for sumthg as cagaran but i had nothg on me, just a pity face. luckily he understood and lended it to me.Following the rush 'open-get into room-grab bag-wear tudung-take keys and car-lock door-run as fast as lightning' chapter, i was 30 minutes late to class. Mdm ilyanie was handling out our marks and was already discussing the 3rd question. paper SUXD.thinking abt it it givs me flashes of suicidal thoughts.bad.
you deserve it fathin deserve it.hmmph :( and to top it off, swimming class cancelled cuz of miscommunication. again, YOUR FAULT fathin nabilah. :( :(

yesterday:almost full class day. in the morning.didnt arrive THAT late. still tolerable though.T_T
the evening was filled with rushing back to akas sek18 and storing up my car with mineral water for solat hajat and occupying mam rita's room to print out seniors invitations. bcuz of misprinting, it resulted in twice two way trip to INTEC shoppe to get more glossy papers. sweating and tired but satisfied with the tickets all finished, my bio report was still faithfully waiting. haha.d evening was enlightened with some live entertainment, courtesy of two cats near alm.(nat geo; as referred to by lily zabrina) xD okay.i soooo dont need to spare you the me.
finally, we had iftar+solat hajat+ceramah event.alhamdulillah it went on well. Cheers, claps,job well done to all ALMECS~
i was so tired when i got home that i slept berbantalpelukkan my lappiey. 8-)

day before yesterday:got home late from intec.cant remember much what happened but was total emo. got off phone with mom penuh with perasaan tense and pressured.
"go book ticket, go figure out where to keep your car, go buy this, when's ur cuti, whats dis whats dat do dis do dat" ouh.giler feel like rebelling and shouting but urgh.just shut up and keep to myself. :x

day before day before yesterday:early beginning of the week.had a sudden test which i dint get to stdy,swimming that eve definitely eased me up a bit. a LOT actually. eventhough we were lost for like half an hour, and supremely rushing to get goggles, the 1 and half hour in the pool was worth evry second. :) then got back to akas, missed the dinner with classmates*tear,tear,tear* :'( :'( :'(. but still managed to karok. XD just dance and forever,da best,cayalahh!.haha.then we threw our balls out.bowling lah. discovery of noobs and pro occured. result: intensive bonding and infectious laughter (this is an observable effect of too much bio reports.even my writing style's affected!)

okay,i dont rmember already what was on day before the day before the day before yesterday. complicated ryte?
haha.its to train ur brains :D ngehemwaha. to get me bum movin.pack bags for tonite will be d nite dat i will be goin home...ever again...i will never change my ming.haha.
yeay. yeay. yeay. and yeay! im cominG HOME!! <3<3

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