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includin today,i went to 2 diff hairdresser in a week!dats a lil bit frequent for me.i'm glad i got d wella extra rich hair mousse.i'll post on how d rsults r later.

anyways,der are a few tips i've learnt abt hair care,thgs i never knew bfore,credits to d chatty hairdresser;D

-wash your hair during  nytetyme.

-retail brands which smell nice and r foamy arnt necessarily good.its due to the sodium content.

-comb ur hair 100 times a day n u'll get smooth hair

-put baby powder on ur pillow bfore u sleep

so my resolution for tonyte is to pamper my hair.with baby

aa,yesterday i managed to whip up lunch for daddy.i myself was in disbelief at 1st n i was like asking mum again n again like a broken record playa"i can cook?" n she was like"who said u cant?"lol.*victory dancin in d kitchen with wooden spoon*


>sambal ayam berserai

>kerang goreng

>black pepper mushroom

>dory fish &butter lemon sauce

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